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Accounting and Management Technology

The Accounting and Management Technology program (DEC) trains students in various aspects of management, including supplies, sales, accounting, finance, market development, international commercial transactions, and supervision of personnel. Knowledge of these concepts provides students with the skills to participate fully in the accounting cycle and provide technical support in the computer-assisted management of a business. In addition, the content of this program provides a concrete perspective of business realities, due to careful study and comprehension of the parameters affecting management and accounting.

International Studies

The Social Sciences: International Studies DEC program prepares students for a wide spectrum of university programs by exposing them to various disciplinary perspectives on humankind and our world. This program allows students to acquire a general education that includes an emphasis on quantitative abilities and an introduction to basic principles in economics and business. LaSalle College encourages continuous exchange of know-how and expertise between its schools, its affiliates abroad and the world of business. This program focuses on intercultural education and responsible citizenship. The program has three profiles: Global Vision, International Studies, and Individual and Society. As of now, at LaSalle College, students have the option to study in both French and English.

Computer Science - Administrative Data Processing

The Computer Science Technology program (DEC), with the Administrative Data Processing specialization stream, trains computer technicians to locate, collect and analyze data on the information processing needs of users. Students learn to achieve data modeling and data processing with the appropriate software. They also learn to write operational and efficient programs using various programming languages, and oversee network planning and implementation, allowing for the secure sharing of information. The Data Management option allows students to acquire the skills necessary for analyzing and developing applications related to the management and use of a local network.

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