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Further your career in fashion with a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Fashion Marketing. Unlike any other fashion business graduate program, the MPS degree in Fashion Marketing from LIM College focuses on hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of fashion. Learn how to predict the next big trends, build and maintain large brands, and keep customers engaged.

Bachelors in International Business

Both business and fashion are international languages. For the business of fashion in today’s global society, you need a keen understanding of the relationships between industries and countries and the different cultures, laws, finances and politics to accompany them. LIM College’s International Business program gives you the understanding to think, plan and conduct business on a global stage. Through rigorous coursework, this distinctive Bachelor of Science degree introduces you to fashion’s global markets, as well as the economics, politics and cultures of the world.

Bachelors in FASHION MEDIA

Step into the new digital age of journalism fully understanding how engaging content affects consumer behavior. Our Fashion Media degree equips you to work as a one-person production team or as part of a larger team at top publishing houses and magazines covering the latest trends in fashion. LIM College's Fashion Media program provides you with the skills necessary for an exciting career in fashion. Explore careers as a journalist, editor, writer, publicist, stylist, photographer, and many more in the thrilling world of fashion media. Experience the professional world through our internship program, and receive guidance from our experienced faculty and the vast network of LIM College alumni.

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