London International Academy

London International Academy


We are certified in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education to offer academic courses from grades 9 to 12 and authorized to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). We help launch our students into post-secondary education for a successful integration academically, socially, and culturally. With a strong track record of placing students in Canada’s top universities and programs focused to meet the needs of international and local ESL students, London International Academy is ready to help you to achieve your goals!

London International Academy offers many advantages to students, both international and domestic: a full Canadian curriculum taught by certified, knowledgeable, and caring teaching staff, on and off-campus housing support, student meal plans, a specialized student services department that offers individualized assistance with university applications, and much more! LIA looks to educate young, bright minds while providing opportunities that allow our students to stand out amongst the crowd. First built as a university preparation school, London International Academy (LIA) has quickly grown into a fully-certified private secondary boarding school, authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant successful students the Ontario Secondary School Diploma for further academic study at the post-secondary level in North America.

LIA’s main campus, located in the heart of the city of London (Ontario), is a vibrant hub of activity and student innovation. Growing from just 20 students in 2002, LIA’s student body is in excess of 350 students as of December 2016, and is growing well. Offering small class sizes, ESL-qualified educators, and a variety of extracurricular and student-led initiatives, LIA is committed to maintaining a fostering environment for the academic maturation of its students. London International Academy is committed to helping its students become well-educated, innovative, and responsible young adults, to better prepare them for their futures in an increasingly stimulating and connected world.







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361 - 365 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3C2, Canada


Some of the popular programs offered by London International Academy