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Master of Business Administration

The MBA program prepares students with business degree and non-business degree backgrounds to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic work and business environments. Students will engage with faculty to expand their business knowledge, values-based leadership skills, global mindset, research and analytical skill-set. Throughout the program they will cultivate excellent communication capabilities and cross-disciplinary aptitudes for working in culturally and intellectually diverse environments.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Students in the Psychology Department will graduate with a solid foundation in the understanding of the whole person through exploration of research-based practice in psychology within the context of the values and goals of Madonna University. Students who choose psychology as a major soon learn that a career as a psychologist requires graduate study. The department prepares students for strong applications to graduate programs by promoting the development of responsible scholarship, knowledge of major findings and issues in psychology, an open and inquiring mind and an appreciation of the diversity of human life. All students learn to think psychologically, to apply psychological principles to a professional setting and begin to understand how to apply their strengths to careers in psychology and related fields

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science

The Environmental Science program at Madonna is focused on water quality. In addition to gaining a broad scientific background in biology, chemistry, and physics, students will benefit from the program’s detailed study of how to measure water quality, safety and more. Courses cover the nine standard chemicals that are tested as part of scientific water services, along with testing for mercury and E. coli, two of the most common water quality challenges present in bodies of water in the Midwest and throughout the U.S. Students can also take advantage of internships that can help them determine their long-term career plans, while they earn valuable experience in the field.

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