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Master of Business Administration

MBU provides a well-designed ad structured MBA program to cater to the needs of graduate level students. The program is driven by purpose, not profit, to create leaders who see possibility in making a difference while making a living. Costing just 20k, it’s much more affordable than traditional MBA programs. The program is uniquely stackable, so students can create a hyper-focused curriculum that will help them fast track to a new job or title — or build the in-depth education they need to change careers or launch a new business.

Bachelor’s in Business Economics

The business economics major prepares students for working in a data-driven global economy. The major is grounded in a thorough understanding of economic theory (which emphasizes analytical thinking) and is accompanied by courses in accounting, management and marketing. Quantitative analysis skills are increasingly important in the business world; this major provides students with multiple hands-on data analysis and research opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Biology graduates from MBU perform surgery on cancer patients, lead research teams, and tackle health issues overseas, just to highlight a few possible career paths. As the foundation for several specialty programs including biomedical science, biochemistry, and science education, the biology major is also central to Mary Baldwin’s pre-med and pre-allied health tracks. The program specializes by providing diverse learning environments including renovated labs, the Shenandoah Valley’s larger-than-life classroom, and study abroad options. Students get hands-on experience with equipment and research environments (electron microscopes, cell and tissue culture labs, mammalian vivarium), that are usually reserved for graduate students.

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