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Bachelors in Biology

The Major in Biology provides a comprehensive curriculum for students planning careers in which biological knowledge plays a central role. With careful elective choice students may pursue careers as professional biologists in any of the numerous sub fields and enter graduate school programs that lead to research-oriented careers, or they may enter medical school or other health-related programs.

Bachelors in Economics

Economics at Maryville College investigates these questions as an integral part of the liberal arts. The major's primary goal is to cultivate patterns of inquiry that produce economic literacy, independent thinking, and a commitment to lifelong learning and a socially responsible life. Economics majors share a common foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics, and history of economic thought.

Bachelors in International Business

Are you ready to travel the world? Ready to experience life in foreign cultures? Ready to tackle the challenges of modern global business? All business today is global, or at least affected by global events, and so thinking globally is the first step in learning to navigate today’s competitive business world.

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