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Master of Science in Physical Therapy

Maryville’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is a six and one-half year freshman-entry program. Acceptance into the program as a freshman assures the student a place in the professional portion of the program if the student maintains satisfactory academic progress in the program. Students earn an undergraduate degree in Health Science upon successfully completing the first four years of the program. Physical therapists are “movement specialists” who aim to prevent the onset or slow the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease and other causes. As a physical therapist, students will work with clients to reduce pain, increase mobility and improve function. Students will learn to assess joint motion, muscle strength and endurance, function of heart and lungs and performance of activities required in daily living.

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

The cyber security program is designed to transform curious students into confident, tech-savvy professionals who work at the forefront of cyber security. Intended for both newcomers and experienced professionals, Maryville’s undergraduate and graduate programs provide a strong knowledge base as well as technical expertise and hands-on experience. The graduates work in careers across a variety of industries to secure, defend, analyze and investigate systems and networks. The Maryville University Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) is an innovative student- run and faculty-managed security operations center designed to provide a wide range of cost-free cyber security services to non-profit organizations, charities, schools and small businesses. The CFC monitors various data feeds, and then integrates these analytics into actionable intelligence for clients. Students obtain academic credit for their work in the CFC.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Maryville’s biochemistry program is student centered and interdisciplinary. Small classes and labs foster one-on-one relationships with other science faculty in biology, chemistry and physics. A biochemistry degree can lead to graduate school in multiple disciplines and careers in research, veterinary medicine, dietetics, forensics, health professions and pharmacology. Maryville’s internships and a cooperative education program give students a head start while they’re still an undergraduate. The biochemistry program’s expert faculty, challenging curriculum and internships in the St. Louis region’s top chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will prepare students for advanced degrees and a career in one of the top-paying jobs of the future.

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