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Master of Architecture (MArch)

The MArch program at MIT is a laboratory in which we speculate on diverse forms of agency for future architectures. Future is not a singular construct. The most useful contemporary conception of ‘future’ may be as a series of increasingly dire prospects marching towards us, all collateral outcomes of the naïve faith of previous eras in unfettered progress. These include major migrations induced by climate change and patterns of global economy, extreme weather, resource depletion, uneven and unjust distribution of economic means, crumbling infrastructure, pollution…and so many other forms of alienation.

Bachelor of Science in Humanities

This joint degree program draws from both humanistic and scientific studies, providing students with a basic command of each mode of inquiry. One component is selected from the undergraduate degree curriculum of a science department, which is approved by a faculty member in the field. The other component consists of subjects in a humanities field, chosen by the student in consultation with an advisor from the appropriate humanities faculty. This arrangement yields a humanities program of considerable depth while allowing for continued serious commitment to a scientific interest. In most cases, a senior thesis or sequence of advanced seminars is also required.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Molecular Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Molecular Biology prepares students for careers that leverage computational biology (e.g., pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, medicine, etc.) as well as further graduate study in biology, in computer science, and in emerging programs at the interface. Students in this program who have a strong academic record will be offered an opportunity to continue through the five-year master's program, leading to the Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Molecular Biology.

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