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MSc in Boreal ecosystems and agricultural sciences

Master of Science in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences program is a rigorous, hands-on study of resources and agriculture in the context of boreal ecosystems. The program focuses on the science and economics of plant, soil, land, and water resources. The program integrates brand-new labs in the Boreal Ecosystems Research Facilities, and through a combination of course, lab, and field work, and a required thesis, helps prepare students for any number of careers in environmental and agricultural industries.

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

A degree in anthropology provides students with a comprehensive overview of anthropological concepts and theories. The Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Bachelor of Science in Anthropology differ based on the policies, standards and requirements of the college or university a student chooses to attend.

Bachelor of Arts in Historical studies

As a historical studies student, you will explore human history and the nature of human existence by examining topics such as the development of social, political and religious groups, national experiences, a particular time period or important historic figure or event, or themes such as women in history. You also will develop valuable research, analytical and communications skills as, together with a faculty mentor, you create a program to meet your specific needs and goals.

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