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Master of Science in Accounting

The MSA provides a pathway for students who wish to obtain the additional semester hours required for certified public accountant (CPA) certification. The core of the Master of Science in Accounting is designed around the topics covered by the CPA exam. The curriculum combines a solid foundation in best accounting practices with a complementary set of graduate management courses designed to prepare early career professionals to be effective managers. This 32-credit program emphasizes cases to drive the acquisition and application of knowledge necessary to exercise professional skills and develop a foundation of both advanced accounting and managerial skills.

Bachelor’s of Business Administration (Financial Planning)

The BBA in financial planning is well-structured to cater to modern needs. By concentrating in financial planning, students will develop the foundational skills and knowledge required to help individuals and corporations meet their short- and long-term financial objectives. In this focused academic concentration, students will explore topics related to investments, taxes, debt management, income planning and retirement savings as well as learn how to develop a holistic plan for achieving financial stability.

Bachelor’s of Science in Biology (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior)

The Biology Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree curriculum is designed to offer the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of courses offered in the Department of Biology while also leaving room for a second major or minors. The Biology B.A. degree is designed with fewer cognate course requirements so that students may connect their biology degree to other liberal arts majors. Students are encouraged to adopt a minor or second major in fields such as education, business, communications, political science, psychology, history, sociology, philosophy, computer science, environmental studies and sustainability among many other choices. Each student is individually advised and counseled according to his/her aptitude and career interests.

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