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Master of Science in Kinesiology

Michigan Tech’s MS program in Kinesiology provides advanced research and education related to health and human movement. The degree includes both a thesis and course work option. The thesis option includes course work and research focused in the areas of exercise and integrative physiology, biomechanics, or human performance. The course work option includes a more directed course work plan that is capped with an extended internship experience in cardiac rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, or fitness training/management. Kinesiology is a highly interdisciplinary field, and graduate students work with faculty and students from not only the Department of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, but also other units across campus such as Biological Sciences, Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors, and Biomedical Engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

The bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering (EMSE) will prepare students to create and innovate products that touch everyday lives: prostheses, automobiles, mountain bikes, computers, cell phones, and more. At Michigan Tech, students will not only explore a wide variety of materials—ranging in scale from the nano- to the macro—they will also take an active role in their development and production, find out what controls the properties, behaviors, and performance of metals, plastics, ceramics, biomaterials, electronic materials, and more.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a steadily growing field, and the world needs skilled professionals who can work comfortably on both the software and hardware sides of a computer system. A computer engineering degree from Michigan Tech will make students uniquely qualified to bridge this gap and succeed as a computer-integration specialist. Michigan Tech students will be taking advantage of some of the best opportunities in the nation for laboratory-based learning, real-world design, and engineering entrepreneurship.

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