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Bachelor in chemistry and biochemistry

The Bachelor in chemistry and biochemistry is designed to meet the educational and research needs of students with an emphasis on the biochemical sciences and biological chemistry/chemical biology. Students can have careers in chemical research, teaching, the biochemical industry, or regulatory agencies by the completion of the program. Application deadline is in January 1.

Bachelor in Economics

The study of economics provides insights into how the world works. It teaches students a way of thinking, which when combined with training in qualitative and quantitative reasoning, and good judgment, provides an excellent foundation for just about anything that students may do after college. Application deadline is in January 1.

Bachelor in Biology

The Bachelor in Biology curriculum contains core biology sequence course work, a wide range of elective choices, and the opportunity for independent research. The Bachelor in biology provides a solid foundation in all levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems. Students can direct their upper level course work according to their own interests in several areas including (but not limited to) molecular genetics, neurobiology, conservation biology, organismal biology, and developmental biology. Application deadline is in January 1

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