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Master of Business Administration

The Masters of Business Administration Degree Program is 36 semester hours in duration. The main courses include coursework in general business and management, finance, accounting and financial policy, operations, marketing, and strategic decision-making. The courses are designed to give the student the opportunity to master specific skills vital to the business management process and to gain the essential knowledge required to successfully manage an organization. The program also includes a required capstone course that serves to integrate the conceptual and practical aspects of the program by using all the tools, concepts, analysis and theoretical applications presented within the courses already completed, and providing the student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills obtained throughout the duration of the program. Successful graduates may apply their skills in a variety of positions, such as general and operations managers, management analysts, quality control systems managers, purchasing managers, chief executives, marketing and sales managers, management consultants, logisticians, or product managers.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Business Administration is 120 semester hours in duration. The program is made up of three components. The first consists of 36 semester credit hours of general education. All of the courses are required. The coursework in general education is designed to be broad based and consists of coursework in areas such as the social sciences, mathematics, history, English, economics, and psychology. The second component is made up of 54 semester credit hours provides a business core to all students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program related to business. This component provides a strong emphasis in management, business law, marketing, and accounting, among other business related areas of study. There are no electives available in this component of the program. The third component is related to the more narrowly defined area of Business Administration. This component consists of 30 semester credit hours and includes, among other areas of focus, coursework in finance, management, marketing, and organizational behavior. It also includes a capstone course bringing together many of the essential business administration course elements for the student. All courses are required.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program is built upon core accounting courses as found in the Associate of Science in Accounting degree program to upper level courses in cost and managerial accounting, financial accounting, taxation, accounting information systems, and auditing. Courses are also provided to increase the student’s proficiency in technology with an emphasis on accounting software used by both small and large businesses. In addition to the courses specific to accounting, and income tax preparation, the students also 38 receive knowledge in business organizations, management, ethics, and social responsibility. Furthermore, the students in this program also complete general education courses that increase competency in areas of verbal and written communication, psychology, economics, and critical thinking. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program consists of 40 courses with a total of 120 semester credit hours required for completion. The courses include lower and upper level business courses and upper and lower level courses specific to the accounting occupational field and credentialing requirements. The general education core consists of 12 courses in areas of composition, math, psychology, economics, social science, and critical thinking.

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