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Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Engineering program at Missouri S&T offers a comprehensive graduate education in a number of exciting areas. Doctoral and thesis masters students conduct high-impact research in the laboratories and centers while being mentored by world-class faculty. Non-thesis masters and certificate programs are also available for students wanting to update and enhance their technical skills. The Master of Science (thesis and non–thesis options) degrees, as well as certificates in Composite Materials and Structures, Control Systems, and Engineering Mechanics are offered. All graduate degrees and certificates are available to distance students. Students pursuing research studies (i.e., thesis masters and doctor of philosophy) can apply for Teaching Assistantships through the department and for Graduate Research Assistantships by contacting MAE Faculty directly. Domestic students interested in our PhD programs can apply for a Travel Grant. The university has Chancellor's Distinguished Fellowship Information totaling $39,000 available to highly qualified domestic PhD students and the department has Mathews and Kaiser Fellowships totaling $38,000 available to highly qualified PhD students, both domestic and foreign.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

On achieving the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree graduates, as civil engineers, will plan, design and supervise construction of bridges, dams, interstate highways and buildings. Service to the community, its development and improvement are fundamental aspects of a civil engineering career. Although students may specialize within a given area, they will be interacting with specialists in other areas, such as mechanical, electrical, or geological engineering in the planning, design, and construction of complex facilities. Civil engineers must be effective public communicators. They may be expected to work with property owners, concerned citizens, city officials, attorneys and even doctors for concerns related to public health measures. This program instill the skills needed for this era in the students.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Through this program, Economics majors will study many of the concepts of microeconomics, including firm structures, markets, market failures and price discrimination; and the macroeconomics concepts of inflation, unemployment, international trade and payments, and the effectiveness of government policy. The economics degree options at Missouri S&T offer students the opportunity to study business in a setting designed to produce maximum learning: small classes, each taught by a full-time, terminally degreed professor, using the latest in computer and business-related technology. They learn the tools for making efficient decisions in a broad range of areas. The B.S. degree requires the completion of 120 credit hours of study. In place of the language/history course work, it substitutes an additional 18 hours in science. Both mathematics and computer courses are counted as science at Missouri S&T.

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