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Master of Science in Public Relations

The Master of Science in Public Relations is designed to provide students with the essential theoretical and practical tools they need to develop their careers in public relations and public communication. Students graduating with the MSPR leave with an enhanced understanding of the processes of facilitating and negotiating communication between individuals, groups, and organizations. The program is designed to be valuable to students with a variety of public relations experiences; students who bring diverse perspectives on the practice of public communication are welcome here. All of the courses in this program are offered in the evening or online for flexible completion of the program.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Science is a 120 credit hour program offered at MSU with a view to providing students with the practical learning experiences that are crucial in applied sciences fields today. The class sizes are balanced and faculty student interactions are supplemented to help students gain the most out of their degrees. There are modern facilities and amenities to make sure students get the best opportunity to explore their hidden potentials.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

The Mass Communication Option is designed to examine the nature of the mass media through theoretical grounding and applied knowledge with a concentration in (1) the construction and delivery of media messages and (2) the effects of mediated messages and the structures and practices of the media industries on culture, society, politics, the economy, and individual attitudes and behavior. This approach prepares students for careers as trained media professionals as well as to be critical consumers of media messages. The study of message construction and analysis is offered in a variety of contexts including news gathering and reporting, public relations, video production, and advertising. In each context theoretical perspectives are combined with skills training related to print and electronic media. Career options in the field of Mass Communication include public relations, marketing, broadcast news, corporate communications, and advertising.

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