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Bachelors in VISUAL DESIGN

Students specializing in this area will develop the ability to create designed content, from initial conceptualization through final realization. This content will be aimed at multichannel distribution, flowing between static and dynamic media, as needs dictate. Visual designers are at the forefront of the burgeoning fields of UI/UX design, the essential experiential and interactive components underlying an ever-changing digital world. It is their skill that makes the interplay of text and image come alive, and it is their skill that creates engaging experiences for the target audiences.


The Computer Information Technology program at Mt Sierra College prepares graduates for careers that include Database Administration and Programming, Computer Support Specialist, Technical Support, Help Desk Support Specialist, App Developer, Computer Technician, Database Administrator, Systems Programmer, Software and Computer Engineer, LAN/WAN Administrator, Data Processing Specialist, Website Developer, Computer Network, Systems and Database Administrator, and others in the computer fields.

Bachelor of Arts in Game Arts and Design

Students enrolling in the Game Arts and Design areas of specialization will take courses that build a solid foundation in real-time interactive arts and design like game development, level design, programming, 3D asset creation, and animation. Students will possess strong design abilities and will explore the world of interactivity so prevalent in the gaming, simulation, virtual reality and defense occupation arenas.

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