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Diploma of Information and Communication Technology

If you are considering joining the ‘tech revolution’, our Diploma of Information and Communication Technology is the perfect foundation for your career. Explore the practical aspects of IT as a communication process while studying its wide role in society. This Diploma introduces you to computer software, hardware, processes, information systems and programming languages while taking you on a direct pathway to university.

Diploma of Communication and Media Studies

Do you love social media, writing about current issues or creating your own videos? Are you thinking of a career in film, journalism or public relations? Our Diploma is tailored to provide you with a foundation in the theory and practices of communication across a wide range of current media platforms.

Diploma of Business

Dreaming about running your own small business or working for an international organisation? Whether your dreams are big or small, the first step is with a Diploma from Murdoch Institute of Technology. Our Diploma of Business is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the business world and place you directly into a Murdoch University course of your choice. Learn about how business organisations work, study business as a process and the environment in which it operates.

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