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MRI Technologist (Associate

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has revolutionized medical imaging by taking images inside of the human body without any invasive procedures commonly known in x-ray or even CT scans. Because the technology is still relatively new compared to other invasive procesures, the technology continues to evolve at a very rapid rate. In turn, allowing for future technologists to progress and evolve as technology advances.

TV Production & Broadcasting (diploma)

Students will learn the elements of Television Producion and Broadcasing with a hands-on approach that will give them an understanding of areas such as camera work, lighting for studio and field, editing, recording systems, audio and communications, broadcast signals, interviewing techniques, hosting and reporting, along with the ability to produce a daily half-hour TV show as part of their training. This program is designed with the technology currently being used in the media industry and with the capability to provide the type of training that gives students the opportunity to master production equipment such as switchers, editing machines, cameras, graphics for broadcasting and lighting.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) Technologist (Associate)

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is designed to thoroughly prepare the student, through quality lecture, laboratory, and clinical externship instruction in the theoretical knowledge, skills, and responsibilities required to work in the allied medical field as an entry level general sonographer. The successful program graduate will be able to perform appropriate ultrasound scanning examinations and procedures, and record anatomic, pathologic, and/or physiologic data for interpretation by a physician.

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