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Associate Degree of Criminal Justice

The Associate Degree of Criminal Justice is a pathway for students exiting the Bachelor program (irrespective of reason), while enabling graduation with an AQF qualification. It requires successful completion of the first four trimesters of the six-trimester Bachelor of Criminology and Justice. With full-time enrolment, the Associate Degree of Criminal Justice is completed in one year and four months, rather than in two years.

Bachelor of Policing and Justice

The NCPS Bachelor of Policing and Justice is a degree offering a distinct academic program with relevance to policing and contemporary law enforcement. People looking to enhance their employment prospects in the police services, the risk and security sector and public agencies involved in law enforcement and security will benefit from having this qualification. The Bachelor of Policing and Justice offers employment opportunities in the following areas: *State police *Federal police *Protective and security services *Intelligence agencies *Sheriff’s offices

Bachelor of Criminology and Justice

Criminal justice covers a broad range of topics, such as criminology, criminal psychology, criminal law and procedure, law enforcement, corrections and justice related issues. In this course you’ll receive a comprehensive, theoretical education in each of these areas – from learning why people commit crimes to understanding the importance of ethics and legal processes.

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