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Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

The evolution of technology, computer science, criminal justice and terrorism studies has given way to an emerging and fascinating field – Cybersecurity. This interdisciplinary, strategically-focused degree guides students along a path of risk assessment, incident responsiveness, vulnerability reductions, homeland and terroristic threat reduction and the creation and maintenance of a secure and stable information and communications infrastructure, as well as an understanding of policy, diplomacy and counterintelligence and counterterrorism threat analysis. Students who select this path are interested in studying and analyzing network security, cyber vandalism (hacking), systems security, intel analytics and more.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Communication and media saturate our lives and shape our reality. In this perpetually-connected world, the ability to communicate effectively through media is critical to every organization. Change and innovation are hallmarks of the communication fields. To launch students into successful careers we provide rigorous training in practical skills, as well as an understanding of media history, theory, research, ethics and law within a broad grounding in the liberal arts. Communication students gain theoretical training and practice in vital industry skills, such as collaboration and critical thinking.

BA in Graphic Design

Graphic Designers are tasked with solving visual communication problems. Students in the graphic design program learn to apply design thinking while honing technical and creative problem-solving skills through planning, research, analysis, experimentation and evaluation. As graphic designers are responsible for creating physical artifacts and disseminating information that impacts people, the planet and the economy, students learn to design for a globally-minded and more sustainable future.

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