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Bachelors in International Business

International business studies the markets, people, and places involved in trade, commerce, and exchanges throughout the world. Students in this field are challenged to think globally and to develop an awareness of the cultural, political, and economic aspects of business. Through a comprehensive approach to project-based learning led by expert faculty, a degree in International Business will help you develop a framework to increase your cultural literacy and broaden your perspective.

Bachelors in Chemistry

Bachelors in Chemistry helps you to develop research, problem-solving and analytical skills. It requires teamwork and effective communication, which is great for project management. These skills are in demand by employers in many industries. A degree in chemistry can lead to careers in Petroleum Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Alternative energy, Biotech or prepare you for medical, dental or veterinary schools.

Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry

A Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry from Norwich will provide you with a solid background in chemistry, biology, physics, and math. You will learn to develop new ideas, problem-solve, conduct research, and analyze and evaluate data. Upon graduation, you can immediately launch your career in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, or other allied fields.

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