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Bachelors in Economics

Economics is an important framework for analyzing decision-making behavior – on both the individual level (micro) and the societal level (macro). It describes the principles underlying individual transactions and the broader markets they fuel. A solid understanding of economics is valuable not just as a foundation for your career, but in your day-to-day life as an engaged voter and an informed consumer.

Bachelors in Accounting

Accountants are key to the financial health of a business. As a professional preforming audits or analyzing financial statements, the career path can lead you to employment with an accounting firm, internally in a large company, or self-employment with an individual practice. Accountants use eagle-eyed attention to detail and sweeping understanding of the big financial picture to help make better business decisions by interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting and summarizing data.

Bachelor in Art and Art History

Here at Oglethorpe, history students don’t just absorb knowledge of historical figures and events, or memorize names and dates. They go further, much further: analyzing historical moments for their greater significance; exploring their connections to past, present, and future; challenging dominant narratives; uncovering hidden causes and implications.

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