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Master of Arts in Law

With the legal field constantly growing and adapting to meet new challenges, the role of lawyers is still vitally important. Here, students will define who they want to be as a lawyer – and build towards it. By the time they graduate, they will find that they are more prepared to enter the legal field than their peers because they will not only know the law but they will have the real-world experience to back it up. The courses are offered under the tutelage of lawyers themselves. They give students an experience- based legal education that provides the tools to go out into the world and make a difference – everywhere from the courtroom to the boardroom. That means continually increasing the value of an ONU legal education through things like engaging speakers who shed light on current issues, clinical programs guaranteeing extensive live-client and courtroom hours, and advisors and mentors who, from day one, will continue to advocate for the students long after they graduate.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

ONU boasts a direct entry (0-6) PharmD program — one of only seven in the nation. This means students are admitted to the pharmacy program on day one. No waiting, no hoops, no denials after they have invested several years of college coursework. They get to be a pharmacist-in-training from the moment they arrive on campus. The academic program is rigorous. Students are expected to work hard and be challenged. ONU offers a supportive and non-competitive environment. The professors, fellow pharmacy students, and ONU alumni will become friends and family. They will help students succeed and open doors for them. Larger institutions cannot provide similar individualized attention and opportunity students will find here. They will set themselves apart from their peers as the become a campus and community health partner working alongside the ONU HealthWise clinical team fielding calls in the Drug and Health Information Center and helping patients live healthier lives through health and wellness screenings.

Bachelor’s in Risk Management and Insurance

With this program, students will receive a solid foundation in all aspects of risk management – from loss and protection, to insurance regulation, to underwriting and claims adjusting. Professionals with these skills are in demand across a variety of industries. Networking is key in business, and it’s key here. With the small class sizes, students will get to know their professors, and vice versa. Students will be assigned a faculty advisor who will mentor them from day one until graduation. They will also interact with and learn from business leaders, entrepreneurs and ONU alumni who’ve forged amazing careers in many different industries.

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