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Master of Science in Energy Management

The Meinders School of Business Energy Program is a pace-setting program for future leaders throughout the energy industry. Whether an individual is in a career in energy finance, accounting, geology, engineering, land, government relations, communications or any other component of the energy industry, the degree provides an education that will further enhance an energy professional’s future success. The program offers a unique component, connecting students from around the country with local, in-class students, through the distance education program. The degree was created through the collaborative efforts of Dean Agee, an industry veteran, executives in energy, and the Meinders’ team. The team continues to collaborate with leaders in the energy sector far beyond Oklahoma City as the success of the programs grows. The Meinders School of Business, an AACSB accredited school, ranks in the top 4.5% of business schools in the world. The Master of Science in Energy Management provides rigorous, graduate-level education for those who seek to serve in positions of leadership within the energy industry.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is a scientific field that studies behavior, social interactions, and the human mind. Psychologists not only seek to understand and explain how people think, act, and feel but they also seek to apply this information to a variety of issues that impact daily functioning (e.g. mental health, physical health, performance enhancement, work productivity, self-help, motivation). The degree requires that students take a total of 50 credit hours (43 hours in psychology plus 7 hours in philosophy). The emphasis is put on the American Psychological Association "scientist/practitioner" model so students are trained to think critically like a scientist but also apply the knowledge to a variety of issues. The curriculum provides a firm foundation in critical thinking, research methods, statistics, and oral and written communication skills. The smaller class sizes allow faculty to work more closely with each student as well as integrate more “hands on”, interactive experiences in the classes. In addition, the degree ensures that students will graduate having not only depth but breadth when it comes to their background knowledge in psychology.

Bachelor’s in Economics

With the massive increase in the availability of data and tools to turn that data into useful information the analytical and technical skills developed in Economics are crucial for future careers. Economics also develops students’ problem solving skills. All of these abilities are high priorities for careers, not just jobs, of the future. Typical employment after graduation is in insurance, securities, and banking industries. Other areas of employment where analytic skills are a priority are also common employment opportunities. For those who want to further develop these skills mathematics study is crucial and is one of the options in the major.

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