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Associate in Pre-Nursing: Associate in Arts (AA-DTA/MRP)

OC offers a 90 credit hour program that meets the pre-nursing requirements of the four year colleges and universities in the State of Washington. It is imperative that the student become familiar with the specific requirements of the institution to which transfer is planned. Individual colleges may have specific requirements such as a higher GPA or higher grades in specific courses such as math or English. They may also have preferred courses for humanities and sociology.

Anthropology: Associate in Arts (AA)

Anthropology is the study of humankind. It is a holistic discipline that is divided into four subfields: Archaeology, Cultural, Linguistics, and Biological. Four-year programs typically require Anthropology majors to take course work in each of the subfields. Students who intend to major in Anthropology at a four-year institution should complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree. Students should work closely with an advisor at the baccalaureate institution they plan to transfer to before finalizing their education plan. Good writing skills are essential and should be developed. Most undergraduate programs require at least one statistics course. Competence in one foreign language is also required for some undergraduate and most graduate programs.

Associate in Technical Arts (ATA Option 2)

OC offers the Associate in Technical Arts under many concentration options. These options are specifically designed for students who want to earn a 90 or more credit credential in a specific career field. The fields are Accounting Technology, Administrative Office Support, Business Management, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Cosmetology Culinary Arts Institute–Sous Chef, Early Childhood Education, Electronics, Industrial Trades Technician, Nursing, Technical Design, Transition to Associate Degree Nursing, and Welding Technology. Graduates of this program may seek employment in public or private industry as administrative assistants, secretaries, executive secretaries, or office managers. They may plan to transfer to a four-year college or university with an Upside Down Degree Program, or elect to complete the Associate in Arts Transfer Curriculum.

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