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Master of Business Administration

The MBA program at OSU is offered under the Portland and Bend format. The Portland and Bend MBA program is delivered in a hybrid format. That means students complete 80 percent of their coursework online at a time and place of their choosing. This may include watching recorded lectures, working on group projects and/or reading case studies and other materials. The remaining 20 percent of the program will be spent inside the classroom, meeting in person with classmates and faculty for six hours per course each term. The in-person classes are built to students’ advantage. In-person classes are all about making sure students are forging connections with their peers, meeting the right people (including alumni and other experts), engaging in discussions on advanced concepts, and presenting project work for review and feedback.

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Science and Engineering

Nuclear engineering focuses on enabling the peaceful use of the atom to provide electricity, process heat and make products that utilize radiation and radioactive materials. Within the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) there are numerous opportunities for students to gain practical knowledge and experience in many areas of the field. Research, development and testing are the hallmarks of the Ph.D., M.S. and M.Eng. programs, and undergraduate students often become involved in the research activities conducted by the faculty and graduate students. At Oregon State students can experience nuclear engineering like nowhere else in the world, as the large-scale test facilities, renowned faculty, and excellent student-to-faculty ratio make the NSE a unique and rewarding experience. The program is accredited by ABET

Bachelor’s in Finance

The goal of the finance program at OSU is to prepare students for careers in institutional finance, which includes careers in banking, brokerage, insurance and other fields. Individuals entering a career with a financial institution have many opportunities open to them. Many go into banking and select career paths in either operations or lending. Within the lending area, finance majors can specialize in installment credit lending to consumers of durable goods, mortgage lending to home builders and buyers, or commercial lending to help finance the growth of businesses.

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