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Master of Arts in Architecture

This one year MA Architecture programme aims to support students in developing proficiency in architectural design, in the process of developing both an urban design and a detailed building / spatial design. Their study will be set in an exploration of new urban forms which are being generated in response to the changing nature of cities, notably increasing regional and global connectivity, and shifting cultural, economic, ecological, political, social and physical conditions and demands. Students will undertake design studio projects set around live urban regeneration projects. Supporting their work in the design studio, they will study core subjects – urban theories and methodologies, connecting sustainable practices and integrated technology. They will generate a dissertation, through detailed design development of a selected aspect of their design studio work. Support is provided in the design studio through weekly tutorials, workshops and seminars. The MA Architecture builds on the strength of the successful RIBA-validated M Arch programme. They will work alongside students on the M Architecture programme through common coursework and projects, and sharing studio space.

Bachelor of Science in Data Modelling and Analytics

Students will be able to gain expertise in a wide range of topics, including Big Data analysis, modern visualization techniques and social media sentiment analysis, and develop the kind of expert data modelling knowledge and analytics skills that are highly sought after by industry through this degree. This course is underpinned by and enhanced with a focus on employability and careers related skills, helping students enjoy to develop an extensive transferable skill set alongside comprehensive subject specific knowledge. They will benefit from research-led teaching and the expertise of leading statisticians, data scientists and mathematicians. They will immerse themselves in industry-relevant practical applications and apply their knowledge to a variety of sectors, from banking and finance to e-commerce, consultancy and government. They will distinguish themselves professionally with a degree accredited by the Royal Statistical Society.

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Through this program, by applying engineering principles and technology to building design and construction, students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career as an architectural engineer. The combination of lectures, design workshops, field trips, site visits, tutorials with industry partners and an optional year-long paid industry placement, will prepare students for a range of routes in the built environment sector including design engineering, project management and architectural consultancy. There is currently a global shortage of qualified Architectural Engineers. Architectural engineering graduates are in great demand because of the ever increasing importance placed on the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings.

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