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Master of Arts In Teaching

Students who want to be a great teacher and teach what they love to study should enroll in Randolph College’s Master of Arts in Teaching program. One year of intense and engaging study. The expertise students gained when the earned their Bachelor’s degree can help launch an exciting career in teaching. They may now use that passion to teach at the elementary or secondary level Randolph College’s Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is nationally-accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and approved through the Virginia Department of Education.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics

Randolph College is the ideal place to study economics and business. Given the small classes, students will have opportunities that would simply not be feasible at larger schools such as, technology-based research projects, independent studies, chances to present their work to their professors and peers. The department offers a wide variety of opportunities for experiential learning beyond the classroom. Randolph economics and business students complete their degree with an intensive, research-based project under the guidance of the faculty. All Randolph students learn global citizenship with the capability to accurately understand and adapt to cultural differences and find commonality.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology

The Randolph College biology curriculum successfully integrates learning and practical experience, providing an excellent starting point for many diverse careers. The participatory academic program emphasizes current research techniques, and laboratories include the Atlantic Ocean, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Smithsonian Institution, and the College’s own wildlife reserves. From environmental research and health fields, such as medicine and physical therapy, to wildlife management and genetic research, the foundation always remains the same—biology, the study of life.

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