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Boarding School

The boarding school experience in Ridley adds something extra in the learning curve of the young minds. The Ridley College boarding school experience empowers students to embrace their individuality, develop who they are, strive for who they will be, and define the lives they will lead. The boarding houses provide boarding and day students a key element for that journey. Built on a community-oriented philosophy, the boarding houses foster individual character development, promote personal growth, and inspire students to lead flourishing lives within a community.

GRADE 9-12

The upper school not only offers the vibrant and caring environment essential for the proper growth and development of young students at their crucial adolescence but also provides various practical based learning in the different fields through hands on experience learning under the guidance of caring teachers. The wonderful environment with vibrant peers encourages proper growth and development in these students. Furthermore, the various offered extra-curricular activities ensure to bring out the hidden talents from within these young minds.


Young minds are very easy to shape and susceptible to its surroundings. Which is why the type of surroundings and environment young minds grow up in makes a huge impact on how they become as human beings in their adult lives. Keeping that in mind, the young students at Ridley are exposed to a wonderful, friendly and nourishing environment to allow them to grow and excel to their heart's content with the caring guidance and tutelage of experienced mentors. Kids grow up in a harmonious environment with the best of peers and learn values and morals through the participative learning at the lower school.

About Ridley College

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