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Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems is designed to prepare students in developing business expertise and skills, as well as computing knowledge and competitive practices. It is a 36 credit hour course that is designed to provide enthusiastic students with real world practical learning along with theoretical concepts to get a holistic understanding of the field. It prepares students with the necessary skillset for the job sector.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The twenty-first century will become known as the “century of biology”. The advances in biological knowledge will impact every corner of people’s lives. The biology programs at Rivier University will prepare students to participate in this voyage of discovery as new developments and technologies push the envelope of what is known or possible in the study of life. There are three options for students pursuing a major in biology. Combined Biology Track: This track will provide students with a broad background in biology and is appropriate for those who do not want to limit their studies to one particular area. Allied Health Track: This track is appropriate for students interested in pursuing a professional career in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science or a career focused on laboratory-based medical research. Environmental Science Track: This track is appropriate for students interested in pursuing a career in the environmental sciences or conservation.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Mathematics is essential in today’s quantitative and data-driven society. This program develops in its students the computational and reasoning skills needed to be a leader, researcher, and decision-maker in business, government, science, and technology. At the same time, the program explores the beauty of mathematics which has drawn creative individuals to the field by its mysteries, patterns, and relationships. With small class sizes throughout the program, Rivier University students are individually challenged and supported as they develop their ability to solve a breadth of open-ended problems and discover the many career opportunities open to them. A degree in mathematics demonstrates to future employers that the graduate is willing and prepared to face intellectual challenges and prepares students for careers in business, industry, insurance, research and development, and national security.

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