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Master’s in Architecture

The Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) program prepares students to enter and advance both the discipline and the profession of architecture. Students achieve a depth of understanding of the components of architectural practice and of the diverse nature and variety of roles for architects in relation to other fields. They develop the strategic thinking and communication skills required to tackle a diverse range of issues and sustainability and urbanism to historic preservation. Architecture is an integrative discipline that expresses human values through the design of the built environment. The program encourages the mastery and skillful integration of environmental, social, historical, artistic, technical and philosophical concerns into carefully developed designs that enhance their context as the scales of the region, the site, spaces and detail.

Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity & Networking

Designed and taught in collaboration with industry experts, RWU’s cutting-edge Cybersecurity & Networking program trains the next generation of high-demand information security specialists to protect the computer networks people rely on every day. With courses that cover technology security and networking skills combined with a specialized focus area like digital forensics or audits -- all taught through hands-on study in the Forensics and Networking Security lab – students learn how to solve issues like hacking, cyberattacks and internal threats for any organization

Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics at RWU moves beyond theory, using math and statistics to solve practical real-world problems in fields like chemistry, environmental science and scientific computing. With small class sizes and opportunities to co-author publications with faculty, the Applied Mathematics program will set students up for a successful career in business, engineering, health care, government and more. Applied Mathematics at RWU moves beyond theory, blending the study of mathematics with a wide array of applications in many fields: biology, chemistry, environmental science, scientific computing, physics and statistics.

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