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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

This program, like all majors in the College of Engineering, offers a series of medical school-style clinics that begin freshman year and immerse students in real-world research and applications. Through optional specializations in Materials and Biological Engineering students might prepare themselves to discover how a drug is designed, cure a disease, manufacture a novel food product or produce biofuels from renewable resources. Students will emerge with the skills and tools to identify, formulate and solve real world engineering problems.

Bachelor’s in Construction Management

From the large sport stadiums to the Freedom Tower in New York City, all of the world's man-made wonders were designed by construction companies. Construction managers are problem-solvers and monitor projects, increase efficiency. Construction managers help make the construction cleaner and better, more environmentally friendly by pioneering technologies for water and waste water treatment plants, hazardous waste site cleanup, pollution control, and much more. As a Rowan construction management students, students can take part in the program's popular, hands-on clinic program starting freshmen year and learn to use science to improve the world around them. They can also assist communities worldwide meet their basic needs.

Bachelor’s in Management Information System

The mission of the MIS program is to prepare students for careers in a rapidly changing technological world by training them to analyze business problems, challenges, and opportunities and to subsequently design, develop, implement and maintain business solutions through the use of information and information technology. The Rohrer College of Business has offered a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems since fall of 2007. Currently, the program is administered by the Marketing and Business Information Systems Department. MIS students are extraordinarily well-prepared for work in the information systems field. MIS students are expected to have three areas of distinct competency: business knowledge, technical skills and interpersonal skills. The MIS program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, and AACSB International Accreditation. There are few programs that have accreditation from both accrediting bodies.

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