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The MA/MSc in Professional Practice provides a coherent but flexible course of graduate study, for experienced professionals who want to formalise their learning into a qualification. This unique programme is designed to help practitioners consolidate their creative identity by designing and realising an original and personal research project. With an emphasis on work-based learning, students will be encouraged to test their ideas within their own creative practice and they will be paired with an expert mentor from the university’s global network. Mentors are there to coach and support students through their studies however, the progressive move from staff-directed to autonomous learning is an integral aim of this course.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film Production

In this program students will be joining the next generation of filmmakers – gaining the essential skills and knowledge to earn their place on any film set around the world. With an emphasis on hands-on training, they will have access to high specification digital cameras and film production equipment. Across multiple platforms, they will learn the processes and techniques that bring their projects to life cemented with strong theoretical foundations. Additionally, students will learn how to emotionally engage their audience and draw them into their work. They will also gain experience working independently and collaboratively on factual and fictional productions, enabling them to graduate with a highly transferrable skill set. Their progress is carefully guided and enriched by individual tutorial support, ensuring that they create work that can be showcased in their all-important portfolio.

Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Animation

In this program offered by SAE traditional skills, such as sketching and life drawing, inform character design work in 3D, allows students to develop their craft using industry-standard technology and production methods. They will create 3D art for games played across multiple platforms and they will build worlds that players want to lose themselves in. The hands-on approach will see students experimenting with different design concepts to find their own personal flair. At the same time, they will learn how to interpret creative briefs and discover how to successfully bring games to market. Closely supervised by the team of dedicated professionals, they will hone their skills and produce their own showreel to ensure that they are job-ready on graduation.

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