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Electronic Music Production is a course divided into two levels of learning, highly specialized in training in the field of electronic music production: from the phase of creating and manipulating sounds, to mixing, mastering and remixing techniques to finalize the product.


On the occasion of the next departure of the Sound Design for Performing Arts course, we would like to introduce you to topics and training objectives with this presentation seminar organized by Giorgio Sancristoforo. Software design, digital synthesis, generative algorithms and advanced sound processing techniques are some of the hot topics that will be explored during the course, using the most advanced tools of interaction and digital communication. Through the constant practical application of the theoretical principles exposed, the lessons represent an unprecedented table of technological and artistic experimentation among the endless possibilities of "expanded" electronic music.


From 2D and 3D animations to visual effects and game art, give life to your creativity and turn your ideas into reality. From anatomical studies to model the character with intricate texture precision, environments and integrations with the game engine, this course develops your skills using standard market technologies and production methods for the creation of 3D Art for games. You will experience numerous and varied production styles to let you explore and expand your creative inspiration, which you can then refine during numerous practical tests, closely supervised by a support team that will help you integrate these skills.

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