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Are you a professional in the creative media industry looking to upskill? It’s time to breathe new life into your career with SAE’s MA/Msc in Professional Practice. This flexible online masters programme is perfect for experienced professionals who want to formalise their learning into an esteemed qualification and take their knowledge one step further. Take control of your learning.


New ways of distributing music mean that we today consume more and more music, while the proportionate amount of money we spend as consumers is falling. How to build a sustainable industry where we go to a point where what we sell in the end is free? " Music Business " is about creating values ​​based on music. Whether it's an artist, songwriter, music company or entrepreneur. Music Business Program is the program that teaches you how.

BSc (Hons) Audio Production

During the course, your acquired knowledge of audio technology and music production from the first year (Diploma Education) is taken in a much broader context, where you study the music and audio industry, gaining insight into the forces and business models that are working here, monitoring industry law and how You can best profile yourself as a professional or entrepreneur / freelancer - all to accelerate your career. Of course, you also go deeper in audio technology and production by attending where the first part of the education ended.

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