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MS in Accounting

The master of science in accounting program is designed to prepare accounting students for management positions in accounting. The program will build on the knowledge and tools from the students’ undergraduate education, allowing them to achieve a greater degree of sophistication in accounting, auditing, and tax. The MS in accounting degree will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to have successful careers in public and private accounting.

BA in Biology

The bachelor of arts (BA) in biology exposes students to a broad background in the discipline. Students need to complete 12 credits in a foreign language and do not need to complete a year of Physics. The general program provides each student with a solid foundation in all areas of the biological sciences and the training to enter the workforce, continue with graduate study in biology, or enter a post-baccalaureate program in one of the health professions.

BA in Economics

A bachelor of arts in economics provides students with the qualitative skills they need to critically analyze questions faced by policy makers and firms. Students must complete a combination of economics and math courses as well as complete a research project to achieve the BA.

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