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Master in Financial Planning

The Master in Financial Planning is for professionals who would like to acquire a broad range of financial planning skills. This programme provides students essential background material such as methodologies, techniques and tools in systems analysis and design, business and financial planning alignment, and requirement analysis. Graduates will be equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to support business financial planning analysis As graduates of the programme, you can explore careers such as: Financial planner, Agency manager, Financial analyst, Accountant, Investment consultant, Investment broker, Chief financial officer, Employee of financial institutions The salaries of the given position is quite good and handsome.

Bachelor of Hospitality

The Hospitality Industry consists of of various categories inside the service industry, which includes lodging, food, journey and tourism, tournament planning as well as related commercial enterprise areas that make up the hospitality industry. he Bachelor of Hospitality (Hons) is a 3-year programme developed for you to learn the latest industry trends and to mould you according to the changing needs and wants of the hospitality Industry. This diploma programme also equips you with intellectual and management skills that permit you to go into a vary of worldwide managerial positions inside prestigious organisations. Fresh graduates can expect a starting salary between RM2600 to RM3300. A Hotel Manager earns an average salary of RM 61,445 per year. People in this job generally don't have more than 20 years' experience.

Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)

Pocketing a degree in the finance industry sets a predominant advantage, due to speedy growth. If you’re pursuing a profession in the accounting occupation or desire to strengthen the know-how to analyze business activities from a monetary perspective, think about degree in BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance. Attractive remunerations provided in this discipline have attracted many different students to pursue their degree in Accounting and Finance. Career opportunities - Graduates can pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant and it can also extend to other industries including banking, insurance companies, civil service and market research. Entry-level pay for Malaysian accountants is generally higher than the average RM 2,100 fresh graduate salary. The average salary for an Accountant is around RM 40,000- RM 50,000

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