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Master of Education in Administration

Be an effective leader for students, families, teachers, and staff from diverse cultures, backgrounds and learning styles. Start with the fundamentals of organizational leadership and supervision. Learn strategies to develop great personnel and drive instructional improvements. Understand current theories, principles and practices for curriculum design. Explore issues of ethics, accountability, and community involvement for school administrators. Get in-depth training in public education legal issues and school finance, including state regulations. Test the practical application of leadership concepts and practices right away, in your own classroom and during your Administrative Internship semester.

B.A. in International Studies

EXPLORE OUR TRANSNATIONAL, GLOBALIZED WORLD. Our globe is becoming simultaneously bigger and smaller, more connected and more fragmented, richer and poorer, more productive and more destructive. Join this unique interdisciplinary program to develop the information, perspective, and skills to contribute successfully in our increasingly interdependent world. Experience other cultures and traditions. Live – and work, study, or volunteer – abroad.

Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

Explore conceiving and launching new and innovative products, services, and companies. Build on the core business curriculum with topics including Lean Startup, Customer Development, Opportunity Recognition, Value Creation, Value Proposition Design, Market Identification, Entrepreneurial Finance, New Product Adoption, Disruptive Innovation, and Intellectual Property. Learn the process of entrepreneurship – how to self-assess your commitment and resources, strengthen your tolerance of ambiguity, recognize opportunities and risks, assess ideas, seize the sense of urgency, and mine your creativity. At SNC, we explore innovations in our curriculum just as we explore innovation in the business world.

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