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Associate in Applied Science in Accounting

The Accounting Program is designed for persons interested in obtaining skills that will allow them to seek employment in many areas of the accounting profession. Accounting is a precise, logical and communicative skill. The Associate in Applied Science degree provides a strong background in accounting and business skills and prepares graduates for entry-level accounting positions in private industry, public accounting, nonprofit organizations, and government entities with the potential for advancement to supervisory roles.

Associate in Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing

The certificate and degree program provides the knowledge and skills for students to design and create products for the manufacturing industry. Students will use MASTERCAM CAD/CAM software to operate multi-axis numerical control machines. Training will utilize manufacturing related math, industry blueprint reading, CAD geometry, CAM tool paths, precision measurement, machine setup and operation, and quality control procedures. Students can further pursue the creation of detailed industry standard blueprints from 3-D solid models, as well as work with metal processes.

Associate in Applied Science in Computer Programming

The AAS in Computer Programming is for students interested in writing computer programs, both stand-alone and web-based, in languages such as C# and Java. This includes fundamental skills for working with web sites and database connectivity. Students create a foundation for further training and will be able to use common tools to gather and convey information through the internet. Computer Programmers design, build, and support solutions for business problems.

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