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Associate of Arts in Marine Biology

The Associate of Science (AS) Marine Biology Emphasis is designed for students who intend to transfer to the University of Oregon (UO) and complete their degree at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB), majoring in marine biology. The background offered by this major, however, is entirely appropriate for preparation for upper division emphasis in other professional fields such as medical, dental or veterinary school. The AS degree, as presented, also satisfies the requirements for an AA/OT for ease of transfer to any Oregon public university.

Associate of Science in Chemistry

The Associate of Science Degree in Chemistry prepares students for transfer to a 4-year school as juniors in either chemistry or biochemistry majors. The curriculum provides fundamental knowledge of the major fields of chemistry, covering a full year of both general and organic chemistry. Students will gain laboratory experience in organic synthesis, analytical methods, and spectroscopy. Chemistry is called the central science and as such, it serves as a foundation for careers in many fields, such as medicine, environmental science, and materials science.

Associate of General Studies

The purpose of the Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree is to provide students an opportunity to pursue a broad general education during the two years at a community college. It is intended as a flexible program for the student who is not pursuing a specified curriculum in the lower division transfer or career technical areas. Because of the flexibility and broad approach of this degree, a student may find that it may not fulfill all of the requirements of full junior standing when transferred to a four-year institution.

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