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Master of Liberal Arts- Fine Arts

Whether you are seeking a career change, job advancement, or the opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion, consider enrolling in Spring Hill College’s Master of Liberal Arts degree. Whereas most graduate programs ask you to become more and more specialized, the MLA at Spring Hill College helps you to both broaden and deepen your educational and professional experience. Work with your own personal Spring Hill College advisor to tailor the graduate program to your own professional and intellectual interests. Explore topics including history, religion, literature, philosophy, leadership, and fine arts.

Bachelors in Biochemistry

Are you fascinated by the genetic code? Would you like to learn more about the chemistry, molecules, and chemical processes necessary for life to exist? Do you love research and hands-on experience? As a biochemistry major at Spring Hill College, you’ll have the opportunity to follow two professional tracks: human biochemistry designed for students interested in pre-med or the allied health fields, or molecular biochemistry and research.

Bachelors in Accounting

Are you a numbers person? Are you attentive to detail and analytical? Would you enjoy a career as an advisor and problem-solver? Learn to analyze and interpret financial performance and risks as an accounting major at Spring Hill College.

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