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Human Resources Management

This graduate (post-diploma or post-degree) certificate program is intended for those seeking employment in Human Resources Management or for individuals already in the field who wish to update and expand their skills in order to pursue a career in Human Resources Management and secure the CHRP designation. Students who meet the graduate certificate admissions criteria and successfully complete the required courses will qualify for a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from St. Clair College. In addition, the courses will be accredited by the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario towards the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam. Students who have completed the Human Resources Studies Certificate will be able to further their studies through this program.

Business Administration - Marketing

Much of a business or organization’s success is due to marketing strategies. Marketing is an ever-changing and diverse field with a wide array of career opportunities. The Business Administration – Marketing program enables students to learn about key management skills and the promotion of products, companies and businesses. Students will gain a clear understanding of consumer behavior, market research, sales promotional tactics and the extremely important field of logistics. This three-year marketing program prepares students for various types of management positions.

Biomedical Engineering Technology - Equipment and Devices

As an interdisciplinary program integrating the fields of health science and engineering principles, students in this 3-year-long program will acquire skills from the areas of Electrical/Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and integrate them with Human Physiology. Students will learn about various pieces of hospital equipment and learn how to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain that equipment. This will be reinforced by providing students with ample hands-on opportunities to work on a variety of medical equipment in the labs.

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