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Mathematics Curriculum

St. Margaret’s students do math with confidence. Small classes, personal attention and a collaborative approach to learning ensure that every student masters fundamental concepts before moving on to the next level. Each year, our math teams perform well at—and often win—the regional competitions sponsored by a local college. Algebra I, II, and Geometry are required for graduation. Seniors must take a full year of mathematics.

History Curriculum

The St. Margaret’s history curriculum challenges students to learn from the past and apply those lessons to the future as active participants in our democratic society. Each student develops a solid background in U.S. History and Government, a broad understanding of world history, and an appreciation for diverse cultures. By giving our students content and context for world events, we help them become clearer, more critical thinkers. Students take three courses in grades 9 through 12; one year of World History and US History and Government are required.

Fine Arts Curriculum

At St. Margaret’s, we require every student to take art classes because we believe the arts play a critical role in both education and contemporary society. The arts integrate and solidify an individual’s personality, stimulate creative thinking processes that can be transferred to other areas of inquiry, and provide a healthy forum for personal expression. Our students present art shows and concerts throughout the school year. Graduations requirements are one trimester of studio or performing arts, and one trimester of Art History, Musica History or Drama History.

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