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Clinical Psychology Graduate Program

Our Clinical Psychology Graduate Program is eclectic, offering a broad psycho-social perspective in which our faculty offer a diversity of interests and views within the framework of the curriculum. All clinical courses are taught by highly experienced practicing psychologists, bringing to the classroom a wide array of clinical perspectives: primarily contemporary psychodynamic, humanistic, and social systems. Our students, however, are the real heart of the program. They are bright, highly motivated, and of diverse ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Bachelors in Biology

As a first-year student, you'll take General Biology and General Chemistry in both the fall and spring semester. In your first semester of General Biology, you'll explore topics in ecology and evolution through the study of local biodiversity. You'll be designing and executing a semester-long research project focusing on the conservation of a local threatened ecosystem, the sandplain forest, as well.

Bachelors in Anthropology

When you major in Sociology and Anthropology at Saint Michael's, you gain an understanding of the complexities of social life through reading, discussion, and research. Sociology and Anthropology work is conducted in the real world of ghettos, workplaces, soup kitchens, hospitals, corporations, stadiums and homes - as well as in the classrooms, library and computer labs on campus. Such study is how the wisdom of these extraordinary fields is brought to bear on understanding ourselves and our relationship to society.

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