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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

he power of lifelong learning stands as the cornerstone to personal and professional development, and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (M.L.S.) program at St. Norbert offers you the opportunity to rekindle your intellectual curiosity. It’s designed for adult learners who want to broaden their perspective of our ever-changing world. While most graduate degree programs are narrow in focus, the M.L.S. offers a wide range of interdisciplinary courses and is designed to stretch your intellectual horizons. Upon graduation, students will have completed 10 courses and a thesis project.

Bachelors in Biology

Biology From the tiniest microorganisms to the tallest trees, biologists investigate the mysteries of life. Their discoveries, more relevant now than ever, help balance ecosystems, restore the environment, feed the hungry and cure disease. When you study biology at St. Norbert, you participate firsthand in this vital exploration. Classroom lab experience and research collaborations with faculty will nurture your excitement for the field while forging your skill in the scientific method.

BBA Accounting

Accounting is so much more than numbers. Accountants reside at the intersection of art and science, analyzing and reporting financial status to foster success in all types of organizations. When you study accounting, you hone your eye for meaningful detail and develop the business insight, management skills and solid ethics vital in a global marketplace. As part of St. Norbert’s accounting program, you earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting. You also may take added courses to qualify for the Certified Public Accountant exam.

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