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Master of Arts (MA) in Criminal Justice

The Master of Art in Criminal Justice (MACJ), in Biscayne College, is designed to broaden the perspective of those already employed as criminal justice professionals as well as to provide the academic knowledge and practical skills for those seeking to advance into higher level career positions within the criminal justice system.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication & Media Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication & Media Studies provides students with a foundation within the communication discipline with basic principles for research, media writing, strategic planning, creativity, and critical thinking as it relates to fast-paced media industries. At the same time, students are provided the tools necessary to explore topics of interest, how to effectively communicate in a variety of situations, and to gain real-world experience which will make them competitive in the job market upon graduation.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

The BA in economics is designed to create high quality and analytically oriented professionals with a thorough grounding in critical thinking and research skills. The BA in economics provides an educational foundation based on the study of economic theory, analysis and application to issues concerning both the public and private sphere. The program allows students to minor or specialize in other fields. For example, an economics major seeking a career in business is encouraged to choose economics program electives from approved business and/or finance courses.

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