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Bachelors in Chemistry

The Bachelors in Chemistry curriculum is designed to provide a thorough foundation in the various fields of chemistry and the related sciences. The curriculum offers comprehensive preparation in all the core areas of the chemical and molecular sciences.

Bachelors in Biology

In the Bachelors in Biology curriculum, students are introduced to various aspects of biology like Cellular, Molecular, Organismal and Population Biology. A diversity of advanced courses affords the student the opportunity of building a broad biological background. Students present and analyze research papers and also perform substantial research projects of their own design

Bachelors in Economics

Bachelors in Economics curriculum emphasizes analytical rigor, the use and interpretation of statistical evidence, and the development of sustained written arguments. Students develop a portable set of skills, making the economics major a pathway to a rich array of careers in business, law, journalism, public policy, government, and academics.

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