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Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Graduate Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is a five year program for Sweet Briar undergraduates who are pursuing one of three licensure options. The program often requires education classes in order to meet state license requirements, it emphasizes advanced coursework in a specific academic discipline to enhance one's knowledge in that subject area. Furthermore, it focuses on educating the candidate in practical teaching skills for use as a teacher as opposed to focusing on performing research in the educational field.

BS in Chemistry

Chemistry lies at the heart of modern science. Advances in fields such as molecular biology, environmental science, materials science and medicinal chemistry are built upon an understanding of chemistry. BS in Chemistry program provides a sound background in chemical principles while open-ended investigative laboratories teach students to become chemists. These labs present opportunities for students to design their own experiments and experience the excitement of discovery.

BS in Biology

A biology degree from Sweet Briar prepares you for a wide variety of jobs and further study. Our alumnae have gone on to become veterinarians; wildlife biologists; physicians; GIS specialists; nurses; physical therapists; teachers; environmental engineers; public health officials; and research technicians in pharmaceutical, industrial, biomedical, government and environmental laboratories.

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