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Master of Arts in Communication (MA)

A Master of Arts in Communication is a postgraduate degree that provides students advanced research, writing, and presenting skills. The master’s degree provides students with knowledge of communication scholarship and develops their ability to analyze complex communication situations The knowledge and experience gained is relevant to a variety of managerial communications fields, such as marketing, public relations, and organizational communications.

International Economics (BBA)

The program aims to provide students with a strong command of both theoretical and applied economics topics together. Students are prepared to address and resolve problems in macro- and micro-economic environments, exploiting a multiplicity of analytical tools that combine the fundamental principles of economic sciences with mathematical and statistical methods and the necessary methodologies for their application in economics.

Management (BBA)

Management (BBA) program initially emphasizes fundamental elements of business, such as finance, accounting, management styles, and legal guidelines crucial for operating businesses effectively. Students then investigate more advanced topics in strategic planning, conflict resolution, employee motivation and organizational structure. With a BBA in management and some business experience, graduates can be ready to seek out management roles in various industries.

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