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Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production

In a bachelor's degree program in audio production, students learn to use professional sound recording equipment for live and studio recording, mixing, and editing. The program involves lecture-based courses, in addition to hands-on training in live venues, campus-based recording studios, and internships. The curriculum provides some flexibility based on whether students are interested in production, technology or another aspect of sound engineering or the recording industry

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic & Web Design

In Bachelor of Arts in Graphic & Web Design program, students learn to balance words, icons, colors and perspectives to create aesthetically pleasing images or promotional publications. The program includes both lecture-based sessions and hands-on practice to help students learn to use graphic design software and other essential technologies, including cameras, sound machines and industrial printers.

Bachelor of Arts in Design Management

In this bachelor's degree program, you’ll study business, management, and technology as you have the opportunity to learn to work as a team member and develop both your creative and business skills. We’ll show you how to manage a staff of designers from a business perspective. You’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven students. And you’ll be pushed, challenged, and, above all else, supported by experienced faculty.

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